Monday, June 7, 2010


Today was a very exciting day for us. I am sitting in my office with a staff member and see an incoming call on my cell phone and it says unknown so I continued with my meeting expecting that it was a wrong number. A couple of minutes later I was alone in my office and noticed that the caller had left a message. It was our agency and can I call them back as soon as I get the message. I instantly started freaking out because we were just lid 33 days before and the shortest time to LOA I had seen was 43 days. Plus there were people with our agency that were lid about two weeks before us and as of the end of last week they had not heard anything. So as I am waiting for our person to get on the phone, I am pacing back and forth I closed the door to my office expecting bad news. She gets on the phone and tells me that she has good news for me, she has our LOA!!!! This was such a shock and a wonderful wonderful surprise. For those not familiar witht the adoption world that means that China has given their final approval and we just have to finish our immigration paperwork and wait on travel approval so we can go get Courtney and bring her home!!!!!! Hoping for August travel or at least September. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for things to go fast for us.