Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well this trip home was much quicker than the last with very little time between connections. Courtney did as well as any 2 1/2 year old could do with that many hours on a plane. The girls seem to like each other but are also very jealous if one is with mommy and the other is not. Still working on getting Courtney's nights and days switched but it seems to be going better than it did with Kaleigh. She has fun with daddy but is still clinging to mommy which isn't making big sister too happy. Our biggest issue right now is the fact that Courtney does not like the dogs. She will feed them sometimes but gets very upset if they are around during meals or if they run into each other unexpectedly. Anyway still exhausted but work needs me for a few hours tomorrow and daddy is on duty for the next month! Wish him luck everyone!!!