Saturday, September 18, 2010

A few more sites.....

Today was a much shorter day with us being at the hotel around 2pm. We started the day with a trip to see the pandas, then a trip to a temple, which always strikes me as odd since you are there as a tourist and the others are there worshipping. We then did a rickshaw tour and had lunch prepared by one of the locals and it was very good. The best part of the day was getting back early enough to walk down the street to Starbucks. I got a piece of New York style cheesecake and a hot chocolate! Time was spent getting some packing done in the room, then walking down to McDonalds for dinner. We have been so late the last two nights, we have only had Pizza Hut, which is located in our hotel.

Anyway, we leave early tomorrow and get our babies as soon we land tomorrow. I am so excited! i can't wait to hold Courtney. I'm also thinking back to our time spent here with Kaleigh, and all the memories I have of that time. I want my time here with Courtney to be just as wonderful in it's own way. Next post should have Courtney Pics!!!!!!!!

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