Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We hit another paperwork error with our I 800 approval but after several phone calls to our immigration officer we got it corrected and are back on track. We are now waiting on a letter from the Visa center and then I think we are waiting on TA. We are still hoping for a late August travel but with the delay on the I 800 approval we may be looking at September. That still is not too far in the future so I am slowly working on my packing list and getting supplies for travel. I have bought Courtney some clothes but until I am closer to travel and have an update on her size I am scared to buy too much. I am sure it is no surprise that Kaleigh has only worn about 2/3 of what I bought for her. The rest was the wrong size or the wrong season and some was just that she didn't get around to wearing it. Anyway we are so excited to be adding Courtney to our family. I have been blessed with one wonderful daughter and can't wait to bring home my second blessing.

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