Friday, August 6, 2010

New Pictures!!!!

We got an update and new pictures of our youngest today. She is just precious but apparently the orphanage still feels the need to keep her hair chopped off. She is 33 inches tall but only 21 pounds. She has 17 teeth and is potty trained!!!! Her palete had not been repaired so that will be a priority when we get home and hopefully that will help her gain weight as well. She is still taking a bottle which I have heard is common with the unrepaired palete. Everytime I look at these pictures and all the others we have I fall more and more in love with this child.


  1. Great news Sandy and Brent! So nice to actually see her outside and with playground equipment. Hope you travel soon!

  2. So happy you got new photos of your precious girl! What a gift! I hope she is in your arms soon! We got our LOA today! Thanks for checking in! It means alot to know that others understand and care! Enjoy staring at these sweet photos!